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AMSOIL Exclusive Distribution

The above picture was taken in front of the Amsoil Plant in Superior, WI. I'm on the left and on the right is Mr. Bill Waech my Direct Jobber and we work as a team. While we are both Independent dealers team work like this certainly helps in this business and without Bill's help I wouldn't of had near the success that I have had building this business.

Why are AMSOIL Products Distributed Exclusively Through Independent AMSOIL Dealers?

American Ideals

AMSOIL INC. was founded on the American ideals of independence and entrepreneurship. From a one-person operation based in a small garage, our founder and Chairman of the Board Al Amatuzio worked tirelessly to build a company devoted to helping our customers maximize the protection and performance of their vehicles.


AMSOIL Dealers embody our spirit of entrepreneurship, and we wouldn’t be here without them. When we introduced the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972, it languished on store shelves next to its much cheaper conventional-oil counterparts. Consumers hadn’t heard of synthetic oil and didn’t understand its benefits. That all changed with the founding of the Dealer network in 1973. Our Dealers were able to convey the benefits of synthetic lubricants much better than simple product labels, and the company grew exponentially.


Independent Dealers helped build AMSOIL. Like you, many are regular people with a passion for cars, trucks and powersports equipment. They and the retail outlets they serve offer knowledge and service after the sale typically unavailable at big-box retailers. As independents, their success isn’t hindered by a corporate structure; it’s tied directly to how hard they work and how well they serve you.


By distributing AMSOIL products through independent Dealers, we remain free from the demands of big-box retailers. Developing synthetic lubricants that maximize the protection and performance of the vehicles you love requires formulating for higher performance, not lower prices.

"It totally changed my bike, easier shifting, quieter engine, no lugging noise in 5th gear. Really the best oil in a Victory."

“I started using AMSOIL products several years ago when I began modifying the 2006 Honda Civic Si I had at the time,” Dhanani said. Dhanani heard about AMSOIL products through an Internet forum and decided to install AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. “It immediately remedied the excessive oil consumption,” Dhanani said. “I continued to change the oil every 3,000 miles because I thought the 15,000-mile severe service interval was an outrageous claim.”

"My experience with AMSOIL products was so profound that I became an independent Dealer and have had the pleasure of sharing its benefits with many family members, friends and customers over the last few years, along with all the ways Dealers can make money for supplemental income."

Team owner Scheuring credits AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil with saving his engine. 

“We’ve worked with AMSOIL the last 20 years developing two-stroke oils for our race sleds,” said Scheuring. “In my opinion, I believe 100 percent the reason that motor lived was because of the AMSOIL products.”

Jerry Pruett has learned firsthand how good AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil protects in severe conditions. He was changing his by-pass filter last winter, and it was cold and he was in a hurry. He accidently left the O-ring behind on the filter mount, which prevented the new filter from seating properly. “About four miles down the road, the oil-pressure light came on,” he said. “Sure enough, I found an oily mess by the by-pass filter.” Fortunately, Pruett always carries four gallons of oil with him. The truck required the entire four gallons to register oil on the dipstick. His engine has suffered no ill effects, however. “With any other oil, I’d probably be overhauling the truck,” Pruett said.